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Keith Farrand

Want to keep up on the latest things that are growing on at Farrand Farms? The man with the greenest thumb in Kansas City will help you with all his latest tips and share insight and info right here at Farrand's Notes. If you have some special questions or would like to suggest ideas for Keith to address just send him an email on the link under his picture.


How about a DRINK?

Keith @ Sunday, October 16, 2011

Fall is usually our favorite time of the year here at Farrand Farms. So far, this fall has offered exceptionally pleasant weather to be outside enjoying your gardens and preparing them for a well-deserved rest.
We will soon be experiencing the first frosts and maybe even hard freezes of the season. Here's a list of good reminders to help you get winter ready:

1. Fertilize your shrubs and perennial beds now! At Farrand Farms, we recommend Hummert's 12-8-8. If you are into organics, we prefer the Espoma line of foods or Bradfield Organics.

2. Do NOT trim roses or other perennial foliage off yet. Believe it or not, even that tired foliage is still helping the roots prepare for the coming winter. Trim them back only after the first hard freeze (temperatures of 28 degrees F or below).

3. It's time to forget about reseeding the lawn, although dormant seeding of both fescues or blue grass can be done between Thanksgiving and Christmas. Do apply the first application of Hummert's Winterizer now and again in 30 days to give you a great lawn next spring.

4. Turn the water ON! When you are done watering, do it again. This is the driest fall in memory. Perennials and shrubs must have water in the fall to prepare themselves for winter survival. Just because Mother Nature has been stingy with the water doesn't mean you have to be.

5. Plant tulips, crocus and daffodils now. We are finding a renewed interest in these favorite flowers of spring. They are easy to plant and offer the greatest of surprises come spring time. Be sure to sprinkle a tablespoon or two of bone meal or a mild bulb fertilizer per bulb to enhance their color.

6. We still have a limited, but very good selection of perennials that can be planted this fall. At Farrand Farms, we only grow them in one gallon or larger containers. Larger starts mean not only more and larger roots, but over 90% success rates. And don't forget, 2011 means a lot of water.

7. Got some large pots not in use? Try planting some pansies to add some color near the front door. We've got the fresh potting soil you'll need and the pansies to go with it. Remember pansies easily overwinter. Another good idea is to sprinkle some spinach or lettuce seed in an empty pot and watch what happens.

I'll be back in about 3 weeks and we can share plans for the holidays. Until then, water well!