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Keith Farrand

Want to keep up on the latest things that are growing on at Farrand Farms? The man with the greenest thumb in Kansas City will help you with all his latest tips and share insight and info right here at Farrand's Notes. If you have some special questions or would like to suggest ideas for Keith to address just send him an email on the link under his picture.


Of course there is plenty of time . . . .

Keith @ Monday, May 24, 2010

Yes, there is still plenty of time to get your gardens in. Tomatoes, peppers, squash and other warm season crops can be planted here up to about June 10 and still produce a bountiful harvest.

My dad and grandfather kept planting right up to July 1! Green beans can be planted nearly up to August 1 with great success. A great idea is to plant green beans every 2 weeks throughout the summer and you'll be enjoying their freshness all season long.

Right now is the perfect time to plant your sweet potatoes. 'Beauregard' is one of the very best varieties in our area. They are red-skinned with orange meat and produce really well. They like it hot and we have grown lots of them too. Also, it's just about right for pumpkins to go in the ground.

How about your color and perennial gardens? Not a thing to worry about. We've got a great variety of fresh and healthy choices. The perennials are outstanding right now. We always raise them in 1 gallon or larger pots, so you won't experience the heavy losses often associated with smaller sized and mini-pots. When you visit, you'll love how beautiful Farrand Farms is. Experience the fun!

Many have commented on how awesome our roses are this year. Some blooms are nearly 6" across. Please give Mother Nature a pat on the back for their impressive display. Her help with a cool and wet spring inspired that kind of result. Just be sure to keep the Bayer 'All in One' applied for season long success. It offers both nutrition, disease and insect control. We always stock plenty to help keep it easy for you.

Hint #1: Deer and rabbits are the #1 varmints we are asked about. We not only recommend 'Scram' deer and rabbit repellant, but we use them here at Farrand Farms with superior results. It's very easy to use-no smelly liquids that must be constantly reapplied. It is an organic granular product that is sprinkled about. It's safe to sue in and around edibles, pets and children. If you want something that works, use 'Scram'!

Hint #2: Be wise. Don't waste your hard earned dollars on 'Sale' or left over junk plants that many temporary parking lot and hardware stores are now offering. These plants have not been fed or taken care of. If your want your pots and gardens to do well, invest in the Good Stuff. Farrand Farms is all about the Good Stuff!

Many of you have been asking if we are going to plant our fields this year. Certainly we are. We are just like you this cold & wet spring . . . behind. I'll be working in the fields today, as a matter of fact.

We'll visit in a couple of weeks. My tractor awaits . . . .


Bring Me a Jacket!

Keith @ Monday, May 10, 2010

Isn't this a crazy Spring? Mother's Day is behind us and this morning it feels like mid-March. Get the jackets back out and let's go to work.

I'm going to start right out with a HINT for all mothers who received a flowering basket as a gift for your special day. Keep your flowers looking great by simply watering them thoroughly and completely. Make sure the water is enough to go down to the bottom of the root ball. If the plant looks at all droopy - water it. If you water it and the water immediately runs out of the bottom of the basket, you may think it is plenty wet while, in fact, quite the opposite may be true! If the plant becomes too dry the roots will actually pull in the soil from the sides of the basket. When you add water, the water actually runs quickly down that gap and out of the bottom of the basket. You think you've watered well, but in reality, the roots didn't even get wet. Keep the soil moist at all times and you won't be deceived. It is very difficult to over water a basket in our climate.

Hint #2: If you have petunias in your pots or containers, especially the larger and more aggressive varieties like waves or supertunias, feed them heavily. Any liquid fertilizer should be added at least two times a week. Even a few sprinkles of granular general purpose (5-10-5 or equal) will benefit these quick growing varieties. These petunias cultivars are known as very heavy feeders and fast growers. You'll appreciate how much better the plant and the flowers look - they'll prosper for you when fed well.

We've got a super collection of great plants to help you get started planning for your outdoor get togethers. Memorial Day will soon be here and graduation celebrations are being planned. Please feel free to borrow any of Melissa's planting ideas to create your own unique paradise.

Remember, we grow nearly all of the plants we offer. Better plants will give you better results. Expect the best.

Our perennial area is now complete. Let us know what you think. So far most folks seem to appreciate the new walks, and ease of selecting their plants. The kids just love it . . . you'll enjoy it too!

Bloom where you are planted!